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Science Fair » RCES 2017-18 Science Fair Winners & Honorable Mentions

RCES 2017-18 Science Fair Winners & Honorable Mentions

Science Fair Winners
These projects receive a ribbon and have been selected to go to the County Science Fair. 
The Cat's Meow - Breagha Kilpatrick
Color Matters - Andrew Tharpe
Egg Architecture - Thomas Speaks
You Spilled Something on Your Clothes, Now What? - Abigail Caudill
Shooting With Science - Grayson Sparks
Which Paper Towel Brand is the Most Absorbent? - Emily Prevette
Which Beverage Stains Teeth the Most? - Lauren Macemore
Jump to the Number - Payton Doby
Which Bat is Better for Hitting a Softball: Aluminum or Composite? - Jaylee Nicholson
Can Rice Krispies Jump? - Alicia Roberts
Honorable Mentions
It's No Joke Don't Smoke - Anna Rose Ward
Button Batteries Dangerous - Lauren Shore
The Wonders of a Water Hose Nozzle - Jackson Douglas
Homopolar Motor - Emily Felts
Which Battery Lasts the Longest? - Chris Kennedy
Building the Tallest Tower - Peyton Tuttle
What Makes Ice Melt Faster? - Aja Boyd
What is the Best Way to Start to Grow a Sunflower? - Sheldon Bell
Clean Coins - Robert Staler
The following students placed in the County Science Fair:
Breagha Kilpatrick - 2nd Place
Lauren Macemore, Thomas Speaks, Abigail Caudill - 3rd Place
Peyton Doby, Grayson Sparks - Honorable Mention