Ronda-Clingman Elementary School

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Ronda-Clingman Panthers ROAR              R ~ Ready     O ~ Obey     A ~ Act Responsible     R ~ Respectful
Public Notice

Principal Letter

We have had a great start to a new school year! We received fantastic news concerning Ronda Clingman students’ 2016-17 EOGs scores. Ronda Clingman students EXCEEDED growth!!!!! We are very proud of their hard work and determination. I am confident that with continued teamwork between students, teachers, and parents our students will do even better at the end of this school year.


Progress reports were sent home Wednesday 27th of September. Teachers will contact parents for a conference to discuss your child’s first progress report for this school year. It is very important that parents continue to stay informed and to be involved in their child/children’s education. Please make arrangements to be here for your appointed time or reschedule a time with the teacher if you are unable to be here for your scheduled time.


Please make sure you and your child have read all school and county policies located in the school calendar your child received at the beginning of the school year and on the county website. Also, please make sure you have read and discussed school bus rules and procedures that was sent home separately. A paper was sent home that you and your child will need to sign and turn in to the teacher stating that you have read all of the information provided in the calendar. Also, please sign the bus rules and procedures and return it in to their teacher, even if your child is a car rider. The rules apply to all students who ride the bus to and from school and on field trips. Finally, we sent home a release form for media use of your child’s name and image. Please make sure you select all areas for your approval. Send this form back to the school. This form will be filed and used for the duration of your child’s years here at Ronda Clingman. If you want to change anything you will need to contact the school and fill out a new form.


As a reminder please read and review the following morning procedures:

Morning car line will begin at 7:15. For the safety of students they must remain in cars until school personnel come outside to unload. Students will enter at the second entrance in front of the school. When students arrive they go to the gym. K-2 students will be dismissed by grade level to go to the cafeteria to get their breakfast. 3-5 students will get their breakfast on their way to class. K-2 students will remain in the cafeteria. All students wait to eat their breakfast in their classroom. Students will be dismissed from cafeteria and gym at 7:35.  If a parent/guardian chooses to walk their child to class they will need to wait until the 7:35 bell rings. Class begins at 7:50. If your child is a car rider please allow enough time to walk in and get their breakfast so they won’t be late getting to their classroom.  Any student that is not in their seat ready to work by 7:50 is considered tardy. It is our recommendation that after the first two weeks of school students walk themselves to the cafeteria to get breakfast and/or to their classroom. This will help your child build confidence and responsibility. Teachers are in their classroom getting students settled and ready to start their day. If a parent needs to speak with their child’s teacher they will need to contact the teacher and set up an appointment.


                                                          Penny Grit

                                                          RCES Principal